Bridgette Hartz

"Exercise is medicine! The human body is so extraordinary that it can heal and prosper with physical activity."

The truth behind the passion…

I realized the power of exercise mentally and physically at 13 years old. I used physical activity as an outlet after being diagnosed with depression. Turning  to exercise over medication allowed me to get my health under control and become mentally stronger. From that point on I realized the power of exercise and never turned back. 

My mission is to help you, my future clients, find a healthier mind, body & soul. My purpose is to support anyone that is looking to keep their quality of life at the same time as becoming a healthier version of themselves. 

My favorite success story is my aunt, who had horrible lower back pain. So bad that she was turning to medication to relieve her pain. Having the education I have I knew that her pain was merely a simple lack of exercise. We customized her own personal program that included strength and mobility techniques. After a couple weeks of us meeting, she called me with such excitement that she has NO lower back pain. Sharing the passion I have for fitness makes your life more enjoyable and pain free. Let me guide you to your victory story! 

My clients range from beginners to athletes, so wherever you are in your fitness journey I’m here to help you get started and/or take you to the next level.

“I truly believe that exercise is medicine.”


B.S. Exercise Science of Hofstra University

Emergency Care & Safety Institute: CPR & AED Certified

American Sports & Fitness Association – Certified Personal Trainer